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Method of payment

We accept Checks, Money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover,
American Express or PayPal.
Do not send Credit card info via email.
If paying by check, please allow up to two weeks for bank clearance.
All other methods are processed upon receipt.

Shipping Information

Shipping is calculated at checkout. In the case of international shipments shipping is normally by Fedex. Since shipping rates are extremely volatile and fluctuate without notice, we reserve the right to choose the best method based on the customer's wishes. We will always ship in the timeframe you request. If for some reason there are additional charges, you will be notified before being obligated for such charges. Our objective is to be sure you get what you want when you want it at a fair price.

Please be sure you are not in violation of any local laws regarding the ownership or possession of swords. This is your responsibility and we will not be liable for your failure to adhere to the law.

We do not profit in any way through shipping charges.

Holiday orders and shipping

Please note that shipping companies don't start counting shipping days until the day after the order is in transit. As well, weekends and holidays don't count as in transit days by Fedex or UPS. This means, for instance, that a shipment sent out on a Thursday via 3 day shipping may not be delivered until the following Tuesday or even Wednesday in many cases. We can't be responsible for last minute orders taking longer than anticipated to arrive.

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Customs in your country


Please note that Point Gallery will not be responsible
for shipments confiscated or seized by Customs in your country.

Please be sure it is legal for you to import your order! This has become increasingly important. With the rise of terrorist activity import regulations are becoming more strict on a regular basis. Even if you have had no problems importing swords in the past, you must check with your customs office to be sure the regulations have not recently changed. There is no way we can keep up with the current regulations of a given country, this is your responsibility.

We will not falsify export documents to avoid import duties or taxes or to circumvent any customs regulations. Please do not ask us to.

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