Practical Plus blades being used in the Classic Musashi and Genei katanas


These blades are comparable to 1095 high carbon steel. Edges are hardened in traditional style to approximately RC 64. Spines are hardened to an RC factor in the high 30's.


Classic blade

Traditional style hamon.

Classic tip


Classic Musashi blade

Blade length: 28 1/4"

Average blade weight: approx. 1.9 lbs.

Tang length from habaki 9 1/2"

Carbon steel with an artistic true hamon

The emphasis is on performance and durability as well as display.

When combined with the dragon head handles, a unique sword is produced - one which

conveys the fact that it's real, not merely decoration.

Point of Balance for all swords is between 5 - 6 inches from the tsuba

Edges are razor sharp

Handles are not available unmounted.