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Sal D'Aquila's Musashi Katana

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Built for the discerning Highlander fan

Base Musashi costs start at $1000.00 plus shipping

The Genei is back!

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Base Genei costs start at $1000.00 plus shipping

Hello to all, we are coming up on March 2015, can you believe Point gallery has been providing sword for 16 years already? we are currently finishing up our Jan orders now and are accepting new orders, Musashi, Genei and Season ones are all available with regular blades and special order ones. please contact us and we will be happy to make your dreams a reality. Current turn around time is 6-8 weeks so get your orders in now :)


Musashi katanas are authentic duplicates of the samurai sword used in season one and two* of the TV series. These swords are built in the U.S. using selected blades and sayas, tsubas custom made to original specs and kevlar/carbon fiber fully reinforced handles. Only highest quality materials and high carbon steel blades are used throughout. No corners have been cut in the building of these swords.

The carbon steel blades are designed to take the punishment of martial arts use. Field proven for over 11 years, the kevlar/carbon fiber reinforced handles are guaranteed to be the toughest ever produced for a replica sword.

The combination produces a unique samurai katana which is both collectible and fully functional. Musashis are authentic reproductions of the original prop, with a much higher level of fit and finish than a prop sword. All Musashis are numbered and are supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Musashi katanas are exclusive to Point Gallery and are not sold wholesale for marketing by other suppliers.

*The first season was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Halfway through the second season the production moved to France. At that time a deal was made with Marto of Spain to produce a commercial "licensed" version. In the episode "War Monger" , late in the second season, the newly designed sword (marketed as "The Sword of the Dragon") actually appeared on screen for the first time.

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Classic Musashi Katana

The Classic version of the Musashi katana is built with a kevlar/carbon fiber handle and solid bronze tsuba. The aging is done in black/grey and the sword is built with a Practical Plus blade and saya. Included is a storage bag.

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All blades are differentially hardened and feature a true hamon.

Musashi-S Blade

Limited edition sword with Shinto blade shown

All swords are complete with saya.


Handles are built using high grade components on a hand wrapped Kevlar/Carbon fiber core that runs from the tsuba into the head. These are not simple one piece castings!

The 8-1/2 " tang is fully encapsulated in reinforcement.

Blades are pinned for added security.

Carbon steel blades

Tsuba used on the original prop and Musashi Katana

Solid bronze Tsuba (guard) in Rooster motif

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